Zodiac Slides
S. Florida Entrepreneur Starts Business To Help Deported Mother

One South Florida entrepreneur has taken an old idea and tricked it out with a new twist. Zodiac Slides, slides that are custom produced with the name of your zodiac sign, allows for customers to represent for their time of the year. 

“I have a homie who sells Haitian slides with the Haitian flag on it, I thought it was smart but I realized that he boxed himself in, he can only sell to Zoes! [Haitians]” said Ted Cyrius, creator of the brand, of his inspiration for starting his company. “I wanted to do something that could reach the masses. I love birthdays, so I combined my love for them, my sign and Beyoncé into a slide and came up with Zodiac Slides.” 

Next month will make 1-year that Cyrius has been in business for himself. He said that besides his love of birthdays, the deportation of his mother to Haiti and creating a better stream of income were also factors in him deciding to develop his own brand. 

“That is another reason why I started a small-business, the part-time job that I am working pays $10 an hour but we are capped at 25 hours a week,” he said. “We get paid every two weeks so the most I can make is $500 every two weeks. What am I going to do with that?”

According to Cyrius, he only brings in about $1,000 a month working his part-time position so making sure sure that he is successful with his business is a must for him. He also said that in less than a year, he is on track to make enough sells to recoup his initial investment of $7,000. 

As with any business, there are challenges. But he said that he is constantly building and working to overcome them. 

“The most challenging part is doing everything by myself,” he said. “I got in way over my head starting this, I did not go to school for business; let alone know anything about starting one [a business]. But you know what?  Every successful business owner has gone through [these problems].”

As for the future, the South Florida businessman has a very optimistic view about the success of his business. 

“Honestly, the possibilities are infinite it is just up to me to keep it going,” he said. “But truthfully, this is just a stepping-stone into other business ventures. Let me get the first year under my belt and I will cross that bridge when I get there.”