954 Artist Seeks to Add New Flavor to SoFlo Hip Hop Scene

South Florida is known for having some of the most versatile artists when it comes to Hip Hop. From founding acts like Uncle Luke and the 2Live Crew to the Biggest Bawse, Rick Ross. Broward County artist Luv Hue looks to make his mark on the scene with a unique style.

“I have not really looked in Broward for inspiration,” said the 954 artist. “I usually look outside of my city. Outside, that is where I get most of my inspiration. I feel like, when you look inside, you start to copy. All you hear is the same sound over and over again. It is confined. But once you, like, spread your horizons you get more sounds. You can get ideas from the culture … all of that new stuff that is coming to Hip Hop, people are getting it outside.”

Hue’s creative process is not the only part of his artistry that separates his from other striving artists, his name is a unique play on words intended to create a sense of pride.

“Luv Hue basically came from three concepts,” said Hue. “Like, love yourself, it is a play on love you. And also, addiction. Like, addition for people to love me. Feel me? Even though I am like weird and stuff, people love me.”

The last meaning behind Hue’s name could also be viewed as a salute to the Black Lives Matter Movement and recognizing the ongoing struggle with colorisim in America.

“Also, Luv Hue means to love where you came from,” he said, gesturing towards the melanated area of his hand and forearm.

Hue’s current single “Doing the Most” is gaining some traction on the South Florida music scene. Even catching the attention of veteran Hip Hop staple, DJ Epps.

On December 28th, Epps will be hosting a listing party for Hue at Play House in Hallandale at 8:30 PM.